Croí Cróga – “Courageous Heart”

Welcome to Croí Cróga Studio.  A place where acceptance drives us to dare greatly and achieve new levels of existence in our lives.

Where does the name Croí Cróga come from?  It is an Irish Gaelic phrase for “courageous heart”. How come Irish Gaelic?  I had to examine my personal values and beliefs to determine if taking the risk to open a studio was my “Daring Greatly” act.

Upon examining my life, the most courageous story I can think of is how my parents moved to America.  They were very young when they moved (independently of each other) from Ireland to America in search of the dream of a better life.  At 17, my Mother got on a bus by herself and made her way through Ireland.  In the Cork harbor, boarded the Mauretania (sister ship of the Titanic) and departed for New York.  My father’s life was a bit more challenging in that he left home around the age of 11 and worked in shipyards in Ireland and England. Eventually in his 20’s, he too sailed to New York in search of his dreams.

“It is the most vulnerable moments in our life that lead to the most growth” (Brene Brown). I think this phrase captures my parents’ experience.  My parents were incredibly courageous.  Living under their veil of courageousness, I have realized how easy it is to stay in my comfort zone and resist challenges.  It is in that place that we tend to stagnate and lose the zest we feel for living our life fully.  Life is about taking on challenges and growing because of it.  Taking chances and trying new things can be a vulnerable experience and as Brené Brown states, “truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

So in honor of my heritage, welcome to Croí Cróga – Courageous Heart.  It is a place to go, a community to belong to and opportunity to be you and be vulnerable without judgment.  “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage” (Brené Brown).   Show Up, Be Seen, Be Courageous! Couraging Happens Here!

Fan Láidir (Fan LAH-jir) Stay Strong